Presented by

Kathryn Jones

In this short & powerful 45-minute mind-blowing Masterclass, I’ll reveal the internal dialogue that is sabotaging your ability to remain calm and in charge:

Stop Flying Off The Handle – and take charge of every challenge your children throw at you in a calm and collected way - and on top of that they actually listen to you.

Parent Peacefully - parenting no longer becomes a battle ground but is joyful, fun & loving, just like a the example of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Have Effortless Transformation – why you’ll never have to ‘work on’ your children again - they will be lovable even through the most difficult moments.

Parent With Confidence – cast aside self doubt, fear and anxiety about your children and never worry again about the attitudes and comments from others about your parenting!

NOTE: What you are about to discover is what makes all of this possible. Your life is about to get a lot more awesome – as you discover the key to unlocking parenting from a peaceful place inside.